Vegitarian fast food at the beach.

This is being uploaded late, the footage is from 7/20. I reveal one of my favorite fast food veggie sandwiches and a guilty pleasure. The vegan mayo I am talking about is called Just Mayo. I have some work at the beach and I’m squeezing in some recreation.


9 months on HRT and my body.

In this update we get slightly political and very real. Then we lighten things up when I show you my body!

180+ days on HRT and some catching up in nature

Almost 7 months on hormone replacement therapy. Really late update for month 6 and catching up on happenings since month 5 update. Recorded 6/8 so at this point I am inside month 7 lol. More updates on the way.♥♥♥

Changing my gender marker/ The time my gender identity was challenged in public!

Beginning the process of changing my gender marker on legal documents. The stories of the two times that my gender was questioned in public. And a message for you.

Vlog4: Living in the present/Self abandonment.

One only hides parts of themselves. There is not separation from innate qualities. I have received some really good feedback on these videos! Thanks for the love and it feels great to know that you enjoy them, that you are extracting inspiration from them. I truly feel I am fulfilling my purpose here through this. ♥

Vlog1: Gender identity and gender dysphoria

Here is a bit of my story and a little catching up on what I have been doing. I share these parts of my life because I want people to benefit from some of what I have seen. Your struggle may not even seem similar to mine but we all work to master our destiny and love ourselves. I’m calling this Vlog1: Gender identity and gender dysphoria for now but it is kinda goofy too. Enjoy! ♥