I slept in my car for 6 months/vlog5

I slept in my car for around 6 months at the beginning of the year. Overall I got a lot out of it but it was tough too.<3


I hate cancer!/vlog5

I like to keep it light and wavy most of our time but this is something very close to my heart here. I experienced two losses this year that turned my world upside down for a while. These kind of things are why I work in the wellness industry.

Dealing with harsh things.

Over the past year I have been going through some ass kicking tests. It has been a tough uphill battle but I’m pushing on. I know there are many who can relate which is why I think it is important to share. Personally, just knowing others can see their experiences in mine helps me immensely. I am mostly talking a bit about some ways I am dealing with the hard things in life.♥